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Our main concern is to give you effective solutions, that’s why we have come up with a complete catalogue of products to safe keep your business from any kind of lawsuit or liability concerning administrative or legal departments, credits and the loyalty and trustworthiness of your staff.

We offer you:


Loyalty Bond

It’s a protective instrument for your company that makes up for the damage it might suffer due to the criminal activity of your staff. You are covered for: theft, fraud and breach of faith.


Judiciary Bond

They comprehend Penal and non Penal cases. The Penal Judiciary Bond guarantees that a person under a criminal trial won’t flee the country while his case is following due process and he is free because of the decision of a judge. On the other hand, the Non Penal Judiciary Bond guarantees the payment of the possible damage during a non criminal trial that is yet to be sentenced.


Administrative Bond

It guarantees the payment of any duty, valid and legal after signing a contract, request or purchase order. This document comprehends different types of bonds such as: Tenders, raffles and contests, down payments, task fulfillment, good quality, hidden defects, lease, temporary import and export permit, and license and grants.


Special Supplier Bond

Due to the need of a profound change in the bonding program for individual people and private entities, and the influence of the interaction between public and private organizations we offer the Special Supplier Bond to people, private companies and public entities as well as to the federal, state and municipal authorities.

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